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An electronic version of English-Russian dictionary by V. K. Mueller in format suitable for use with dictd server. Current version contains more than 50000 articles and represents a full copy of the 7-th edition of mentioned dictionary, with some additions and corrections sourced from the more recent typographical editions. It includes a phonetic transcription in the IPA (International Phonetic Association) system optimized for proper rendering on text terminals with standard Cyrillic font installed.

Originally this project was derived from the work of Sergey Starostin.


  • Download and unpack the distribution archive:
    $ tar xjf mueller-dict-<version>.tar.bz2
    $ tar xzf mueller-dict-<version>.tar.gz
  • Configure the package for your system:
    $ cd mueller-dict-<version>
    $ ./configure [options]
    Script configure recognizes the following additional custom options:
    --enable-preformat preformat (autoindent, align lines, convert tabs to spaces, etc.) source files before processing
    --enable-IPA-unicode convert symbols of phonetic transcription into IPA Unicode
    --disable-compression do not compress dictionary files
    --enable-locale=<locale> locale used for index files sorting (by default, en_US.utf-8)
    --enable-charset=<charset> output charset encoding (by default, UTF-8)
  • Build dictionary files:
    $ make
    Since distribution already contains ready to install files, builded with default options, this step is optional and required only if you want to rebuild package with custom futures enabled. In this case you must make distclean before reconfiguring.
  • Install dictionary:
    $ make install
    By default, this command will install files in /usr/local/share/dict. You can specify an installation prefix other than /usr/local by giving configure the option --prefix=PREFIX.
  • Add dictionary specifications to the dictd configuration file (usually /etc/dictd.conf):
    database mueller-abbrev {
      data  /usr/local/share/dict/mueller-abbrev.dict.dz
      index /usr/local/share/dict/mueller-abbrev.index
    database mueller-base {
      data  /usr/local/share/dict/mueller-base.dict.dz
      index /usr/local/share/dict/mueller-base.index
    database mueller-dict {
      data  /usr/local/share/dict/mueller-dict.dict.dz
      index /usr/local/share/dict/mueller-dict.index
    database mueller-geo {
      data  /usr/local/share/dict/mueller-geo.dict.dz
      index /usr/local/share/dict/mueller-geo.index
    database mueller-names {
      data  /usr/local/share/dict/mueller-names.dict.dz
      index /usr/local/share/dict/mueller-names.index
    Change paths to correspond with your installation.
  • Restart dictd daemon or send SIGHUP signal to it.
See the INSTALL file for additional notes. Also try man dictd.

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